Skatepark Rules

  • Every user of The Base Skatepark must sign a consent form
  • All Scooters and BMX users must have bar ends
  • NO METAL PEGS! Scooters and BMX’s must have plastic pegs or none at all
  • Pegs are not allowed on the Resi Ramp
  • Any forms of bad behaviour will not be tolerated, we have a 3 Strike Rule before you are banned for a period of time, or given community service
  • Wax is not allowed, if you would like anything waxed please ask a member of the team and they will apply it
  • Food or drink is not allowed in the main ramp room
  • Helmets are compulsory for anybody under 18
  • Under 12’s must be accompanied by an adult
  • Dogs are to be on leads AT ALL TIMES in the Skate Park and the Café!

We love our Skatepark and we know you will too, so it we ask you treat it with love and respect!

Please leave all negative vibes in the car park.

Have fun and enjoy your visit to The Base!

Rules for Foam Pit

  • Helmet MUST be worn at all times
  • Only 1 person at a time
  • No throwing foam
  • Any foam outside of the pit to be put back
  • Nothing to be in pockets
  • Personal items lost in the foam pit will be charged £50 to recover
  • List to Staff members, Use of foam pit can be revoked at any time

Landing into foam pits can still cause harm, USE AT OWN RISK.